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I was born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. I come from a diverse background of a Christian home, Hindu relatives and Christian and Muslim schooling. With little exposure to anything outside of Trinidad, National Geographic, Time Magazine and Mother Teresa, shaped my heart for nature, charity and the world.

At thirteen, I came to the Cayman Islands and grew closer to Christ through the challenges of life in a different culture. I completed a Bachelor in Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, and a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP London, and worked in the corporate world for a while where I learned some valuable skills in management and administration. I desired very much to serve, travel and share life experiences. I studied Filmmaking and Photography at the London Film Academy and The Photography Institute, London (ongoing) to in an effort to capture life.

In 2013, I embraced the name 'Naomi Incredible'. God called Gideon 'mighty warrior' when he didn't believe. Feeling inadequate, I asked God if he had a word for me and I heard 'incredible.' It reminds me that we are all called to something that only we can do.